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/Where is industrial aluminum profile used most?

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Where is industrial aluminum profile used most?

In our life, industrial aluminum profiles can be seen everywhere. Industrial aluminum profiles are used in many because of their good formability and processability, and the surface is covered with oxide film, which is beautiful and durable, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, and can be recycled. In each industry field, what are the specific industries that use more industrial aluminum profiles?
1. Solar photovoltaic industry: it can be used to make solar photovoltaic brackets, solar aluminum profile frames, etc.;

2. Electronic and electrical industry: used for workbenches, consoles, etc. that need to be used in various electronic component factories;

3. Large-scale escalator maintenance platform: such as airport platform, equipment maintenance platform, factory cross-barrier cross-ladder, climbing ladder escalator, etc.;

4. Equipment protective cover: various mechanical equipment dustproof sealing covers, product display cabinets;

5. Workshop production line: various intensive enterprise production lines, workstation consoles, assembly line workbenches, conveyor belts, conveyor belts;

6. Safety fence: various industrial aluminum safety fences, regional partitions, screens, industrial fences;

7. Shelf material rack: various racks, shelves, material racks, display racks, material turnover carts, aluminum work cart trolleys, fluent shelves;

8. Frame structure: various equipment aluminum profiles, racks, brackets, equipment columns;

9. Automobile manufacturing industry: it can be used for car body manufacturing and model frame manufacturing;

10. Radiator products: can be used for the production of various radiator products;

11. Aluminum alloy profiles for rail vehicles. Frames around orbital stations and more.

12. Aluminum profiles for medical equipment. Equipment frames, equipment accessories, medical stretcher beds, etc.